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(Revised 3-13-2018)

Your name will appear in the first column here with a check mark in the second column, after you have filled out AND submitted your RSVP form online for the Sat dinner/party.
[Pat will fill in the RSVP form manually for those without easy access to a computer. Ron will let her know who those classmates are.]

Your name will appear in the third column here, after you have paid.
We're still sorta in a Catch-22 about Column 3 because Payment cannot be accepted until May 1, 2018.
The final cost of tickets is $22 per person (by check made out to
Ron June / BGHS Reunion) or $25 per person by credit card paid online. Deadline for payment is Sep 14,2018.
Go to the 
How to Buy Tickets
page for details.

The Online Credit Card Payment Page "PayForDinnerOnline" will NOT go live until on or after May 1, 2018, so don't even look for that page yet. Thank you very much.

Guest RSVP'd Purchased Tickets
Don Allan
Randi Argabrite
John Arnold
Ann Jones (Austin)
Dan Austin
Linda Joseph (Bates)
Patricia Biesiot
Laurie Boisclair
Suzette Bordeaux
Dan Bower
Harold Brown
Dave Browne
Jane Hemmerly (Browne)
Charlie Burditt
Malissa Burnette
Gregory Burns
Rene Burns
Chris Anders (Claflin)
Thomas Claflin
Phil Clinard
Amy Gamble (Cochran)
Tom Cochran
Linda Cross
Tim Cross
Larry Defuge
Ruth Leiendecker (Defuge)
Jeffery Drake
Kathryne West (Drake)
Anita Dunipace
John Dunipace
J. Elliott
Valerie Elliott
Rich Ellsworth
Kathy Aring (Faulk)
Rick Faulk
Ann Caldwell (Fegley)
Barbara Baker (Fidel)
David Fidel
Gloria Fisher
Judy Wright (Fisher)
Tom Fisher
Mark Fletcher
Vicki Fletcher
Shirley Feller (German)
Marc Giedinghagen
Valerie Hockenberger (Giedinghagen)
Jeff Green
Mary Davis (Green)
Sue Knott (Green)
Donna Pfouts (Hanneman)
Kris Hanneman
Luana Hess
Kay Francisco (Hoane)
Steve Hoane
Kathy Hyatt
Beth Noe (June)
Ron June
Anne Lawrence (Kern)
Rick Kern
Stephen Kilborn
Randa Prowant (Kunde)
Terry Kunde
Arpril L. Ginter (Lance)
Mike LeFever
Cathy Roemer (Lentz)
Steve Lentz
Rev. David C. Lippert
Lavern Meyer
Rebecca Roof (Meyer)
Darlene Eckel (Minnick)
Joe Minnick
Missy Moyer
Ron Moyer
Cathleen Cromley (Nelson)
Terry Pendleton (Otley)
Tom Otley
Phyllis Quail
Kenneth Reeves
William "Bill" Rode
Chris Roper
Susan Chrone (Rupert)
Pam Rybak
Jerry Ryland
Terri Chambers (Ryland)
Jessie Hess (Schmeltz)
Randolph Schmeltz
D. Michael Schmitz
Jim Shank
Cheryl Sharp
Jim Sharp
Richard Small
Wendy Soubel
Randall Strausbaugh
Bill Swigart
Jane Nelson (Swigart)
Butch Szymanski
Pamela Perry (Szymanski)
Julie Thayer
Paul Thayer
Todd Tucker
James Walters
Darlene Wilhelm
Stephen Wilhelm
Kathy Horner (Yeager)
Robert Yeager
Total 105 0