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(Revised 3-15-18; rev. 4-1-18)

Ron June, for taking the initiative to organize the 50th reunion, for writing letters, for personally speaking with every classmate we could find, and for figuring out the schedule of events. Pretty sure his wife Beth (Noe) June helped too! Ron's motto has been "keep it simple"!

Judy (Wright) Fisher, for her dogged online investigative work to find contact information for scores of missing classmates. She also researched most of the information for the In Memoriam page. (Her husband Tom Fisher also helped.)

Patricia Biesiot, for developing and maintaining the Class of '68 Reunion website.

John Dunipace, Becky (Ricketts) Laabs, TBD, for organizing the golfing, painting, and biking events on Sat morning, respectively.

Becky (Ricketts) Laabs, for offering the FREE painting class on Sat morning.

Hal Brown, for renting the shelter for the Sunday BYO picnic.
And for arranging and paying for an ad about the reunion to be placed in the Sentinel-Tribune in August.

Tom Claflin and Chris (Anders) Claflin,  who are making the Class of '68 reunion video to be shown Saturday night.

Becky (Roof) Meyer, who will make the name tags for the reuinion.

Kay (Francisco) Hoane and Steve Hoane, who volunteered to check in folks at the reunion dinner. 

All our classmates who have located missing classmates. As of October 1, 2017 we have only 17 we have not been able to contact directly, so keep trying!
UPDATE: Judy (Wright) Fisher has found all the rest of our missing classmates!

Several anonymous donors, who helped underwrite the reunion dinner so we could keep the price per person as low as possible.