SEEKING PHOTOS from our school years!
If you have some you are willing to share, please send them to Patricia Biesiot and she'll set up the online photo albums.
Photo must be in .jpg, .gif, or .png format.
It would be really helpful if you could identify the people in the photos when you send them. Thanks!

If you have photos, but don't have access to a scanner, let Pat know and we'll figure out a way for you to mail them to her so she can scan and upload for you.

Types of photos we're looking for:
  • Previous reunions 10th, 20th, etc.
  • Homecoming, prom, random school dances
  • BG elementary school group photos (yup, photos were in black & white back then!)
  • Newspaper clippings with photos of classmates
  • Recent photos of your and your family (and your pets!)

Scroll down to the Albums and choose either Click to View Slide Show or Click to View Page Layout.
Click on the small preview images at the bottom of the first page of each album to view different photos or use the arrows on the sides of each photo to view the other photos in each album.

A few folks are not identified, noted by ?? in the photo captions. If you know who they are, please tell Patricia Biesiot so she can update.
Ron & Beth (Noe) June with Kay (Francisco) and Steve Hoane at Marina Jacks in Sarasota, FL Feb 2018. Submitted by Ro

Recent Photos of Old (=Former) Classmates!

Send in recent photos of you, your familiy, classmates, etc.
Will help with face recogntion at the reunion 'cause many of us haven't seen each other in awhile!
Kenwood Afternoon Kindergarten 1955, Mrs. Torrey: Front Row L-R: Ed Delph, Frank Helberg, Terry Busdecker, Mark Hirth, B

Kenwood Elementary Class Photos

Submitted by: Hal Brown (4th grade, Mrs Day; 5th, Mrs Benham; 6th, Mrs Rowe); Ron June (PM Kindergarten, Mrs Torrey; 4th, Ms Mawer; 5th, Mrs Shaddix; 6th, Mrs Laukhuf)
7th & 8th grade football team Sept 1962, ​submitted by Ron June; Front row kneeling L-R:  Don Ballard, Dick Neilson, B

BGJHS Photos

Submission credits and sources are listed in the caption for each photo.
Pat Biesiot, Brent Johnson, Rick Charchol (background)

Junior Prom 1967

Submission credits are listed in the caption for each photo.
Submitted by Steve and Kay (Francisco) Hoane. Originally published in the Sentinel-Tribune.

Newspaper Clippings

Submission credits and sources are listed in the caption for each photo.
November, 1967 - pg. 1

The Scarlet Parrot

A couple of parent editions (didn't remember/realize these were mailed to student families!) and a student edition.
Playbill - pg. 1

Oklahoma! playbill & photos

Class musical presented during our senior year. Playbill submitted by Patricia Biesiot. Photos submitted by Ron June.
NHS Banquet - pg. 1

Event Programs

Some happenings from Senior Year!
National Honor Society Banquet